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posted 06.28.2012 at 11.52 a.m. by Stephen Berger

Bankin' On Berger: Back From Hiatus, All-Star Game Next

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WHHHHEEEWWWWWWWW – that Blog Hiatus felt like the hiatus PHISH took back in 2000...

Well, I am back. Yes, it has been a busy two months, and yes, I have good reason for the NO SHOW!! Back in early April I was promoted at US Lacrosse to Men's Game Director and, just as I stepped into that role, the MLL season was kicking off and I was off to Charlotte each weekend for training camp to prep for our inaugural season with the Hounds.

Things have been nothing but madness since the kickoff of the MLL season. But it's a good madness. Trust me, I would much rather be busy than to be bored! When you get bored you eat bad food and get into things you shouldn't get into.

After a month of searching for my replacement as Men's Game Manager, I finally scored an awesome hire for the Men's Game and, most importantly, US Lacrosse. Brian McGettigan joined me in the Men's Game Staff here in early May and he has been an unreal addition!! I don't hold it against him that he went to St. Paul's High School and Gettysburg College ... I mean at least he is a MIAA and Division III, Centennial Conference guy. And, well most importantly, NOT a Seagull. Hahaha!

The season has been a blast so far with the Hounds! I know our 2-6 record doesn't prove how good we are, but I will tell you watch out for Charlotte the second half of the season! With some mid-season lineup changes, leaders taking a step in the right direction on the team, and our coaching staff learning week in and week out, it has helped us come together as a team and prepare each week.

Some people may think I am disappointed about what has happened so far. Yeah, 2-6 is not the record I thought we would have, but I know that we are a team that is not happy about 2-6 and we are going to fight to change that! I am proud to be HOUND and I'm even more proud to play for such great fans and for a great management and organization!

With that said, the All-Star Game is here (7:30 p.m. Saturday, ESPN2, at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla.). I am so pumped to be a part of the game again this year, and be selected among the unreal athletes in the league and be a member of the "Old School" squad! It is kind of weird to think that I am an old gun, but I guess that is what happens when you play in the league for seven years. Time flies!! I remember six years ago being selected to my first All-Star Game and can remember 'til this day that entire day and experience! I am honored and can't wait to suit up with some of the "Old Guns" this Saturday down in Boca Raton!

It will be a blast to play with my close buddies: Paul Rabil, Kyle Hartzell, Drew Westervelt, Brendan Mundorf, Jesse Schwartzman, Nick Polanco, Brian Spallina, Brett Queener, Steve Brooks, and many more... too many to all type out! In the end, we are looking to go kick some butt, have some fun and hopefully this season maybe I can walk away with the Freestyle skills competition check of $1,000. I am still brainstorming some ideas, so tweet at me some ideas for Saturday night @Sberger13 or reply to this post, would love to hear them!!

For now, I am back to the grind at the US Lacrosse Headquarters until my flight departs tomorrow morning down to beautiful, sunny Florida!! I will be back next week – I am BANKIN' on it!!!

Best, SB 13